What once was viewed as backbone,
Support and framework too,
Values were like building blocks,
For growth of country new.
Values that have disappeared,
Obscure, now seldom found...
Imploded like old building,
Brought crashing to the ground.
For modern man thinks differently,
Forefathers wisdom done...
Considered now old fashioned,
Much like a worn-out pun.
To make room for mentality,
With all its glaring flaws...
Drowning in regulations,
Unnecessary laws.
For wealth and greed now fill the heart,
Seem part of each one's plan...
Unsavory as the methods,
Man uses when he can.
Our reputation at high risk,
Few values now remain...
It's more about achievement,
And what we stand to gain.
There are a few who realize,
Protest to now deaf ears...
Attempt to bring back what is gone,
To soothe and calm our fears.
Man needs to go full circle,
To return if he can...
To when our values impacted,
A large part of each plan.
(c)  03/07/09  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
      Midi playing is:  A Pirate Looks At

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