it's hard to believe that it's been two full years,
A continual heartache, and an ocean of tears,
Since last I saw you burst through my door,
Your rapid steps crossing, my kitchen floor.
Since we sat down, and I listened to you,
As you shared your plans, the things you would do.
Oh and the stories that you had to tell,
As a bounty hunter, it suited you well.
You told me of things, the people you saw,
How you rescued your dog, by scaling a wall.
The poor thing impounded, but I'll bet he knew,
That when it got dark, you would come through!
The things that you told me, stood my hair on end,
Added more gray, where red had once been.
I worried about you, right from the start,
Was that premonition, that stirred in my heart?
I wish that we could have said our goodbye,
That I had been there, when you breathed your last sigh.
Because I wasn't, I feel all this blame,
And still I wake up, hear you call my name.
For you were my baby, so special to me,
The joy of my life, so precious to see.
But memories of good times, just cannot erase,
The joy I would feel if saw your face.
Just one more time, I'd give anything,
For all of the closure, seeing you would bring.
But maybe some day, I'll truly be blessed,
When you say, 'Hi Mom', and I'm laid to rest.
In Loving Memory Of My Youngest Son.
03/18/72 - 03/10/2007
I Love you Son....some things never change.
  03/02/09  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
   Midi playing is:  A Home In Heaven

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