It isn't in a perfect face,
So people turn to stare...
Nor is it in the stylish clothes,
That we all like to wear.
It doesn't come from handsome face,
That looks like chiseled stone...
That makes the heart beat faster,
And wish that were our own.
Those dimples that play hide and seek,
And show up in a smile...
Truth be known, can add a bit,
But still can't rival style.
True beauty is acquired,
Perfected then with time...
Real beauty is not purchased,
And doesn't cost a dime.
It comes from somewhere deep within,
To share with all we know...
Through sparkling eyes and radiant smiles,
Combined that make us glow.
It's attitude and how we view,
Each day that we must face...
For personality looms big,
A beauty's saving grace.
  03/01/09  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
      Midi playing is:  Two Of A Kind

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