Where sparkling waters were once blue,
And lofty trees were all that grew,
Breathtaking, panoramic view,
No longer there to see.
The endless waves of prairie grass,
That covered acres that were vast,
But man cut short, their life at last,
No longer there to see.
Before man laid his heavy hand,
Upon the bounty of our land,
The ocean's edge was whitest sand,
No longer there to see.
What has man done, in all his haste,
To forge ahead, while laying waste,
To beauty that we all could taste,
No longer there to see.
Too late to repair and replace,
To hide the damage taking place,
Its residue before our face,
And always there to see.
(c)  02/22/09  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
      Midi playing is:  Forty Hour Week

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