Life is but a long series
Of stepping stones we cross...
Some easily maneuvered,
Some slippery with their moss.
With hindsight there to guide us,
We could simply forge ahead...
Not have to deal with dangers,
That would cause each of us dread.
If only we were allowed,
The gift of hindsight first...
How easy to drink of success,
To satisfy our thirst.
No reason for decisions,
That later went astray...
No call for disappointment,
From going the wrong way.
For everything would be laid out,
No way could we go wrong...
Yet life would become boring,
No need for being strong.
For hindsight that is never wrong,
Would kill our learning curve...
Derive us of our challenges,
And leave us without nerve.
  02/15/09  Loree (Mason) O'neil
      Midi playing is:  Away

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