If only the gardens that we plant,
Grew things that fed the soul...
How easy then to fill the heart,
From harvest we could grow.
If we could plant the seeds of love,
Compassion and much caring...
Harvest then a bumper crop,
That could be used for sharing.
Put in a row of forgiveness,
And one of reaching out...
A lot of sunshine and laughter,
We used to pave our route.
If only we could grow a crop,
That's known as Golden Rule...
We could weed out all hurt and hate,
No need of verbal duel.
A bit of kindness that grew tall,
In center of our garden...
If only we grew all these things,
No need to ask for pardon.
(c)  02/06/09  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
      Midi playing is:  Beautiful Dreamer

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