Men are taught all of their lives,
It's weakness for them to cry...
An image that's instilled in them,
I'll never understand why.
They keep their feelings hidden,
Inside and out of sight...
For softness is forbidden,
Unlike display of might.
I much prefer a real man,
Who understands that pain...
Goes hand in hand with heartache,
Like clouds go with the rain.
Yet tenderness, compassion,
That tempers mans nature...
Gives him stature in a way,
Adds strength for each venture.
Show me the man who's not ashamed,
To admit his soft side...
One who confesses there are times,
When even he has cried.
For tears are not a weakness,
But cleansing of the soul...
And even men need tears sometimes,
To heal and make them whole.
  01/17/09  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
      Midi Playing Is:  You Said

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