I remember times from long ago,
Much different from today...
When people were trustworthy,
In what they had to say.
When agreements were done verbally,
And sealed with a handshake...
Compassion was a given then,
And few were on the take.
A smile was shared with all we met,
Real strangers were quite few...
In each small town it seemed to be,
Most residents we knew.
The women got together,
To stitch and sew a quilt...
To share a brand new recipe,
To discuss how each felt.
The men would gather at each others farm,
Make up a threshing crew...
Or fill the barn with fresh mown hay,
Hard work was all they knew.
But years have changed all of those things,
No time now ever spent...
On being just a neighbor first,
I wonder where those went?
  01/13/09  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
      Midi playing is:  Golden Ring

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