If wealth was solely measured,
By nature and each friend...
I never could stop counting,
My wealth would have no end.
If only each song bird that sings,
Seemingly just for me...
Could add a bit to my coffer,
How rich then I would be.
The sparkling waters of a stream,
That captures my delight...
And stars like diamonds on display,
That sparkle in the night.
The antics of each animal,
Content to romp and play...
Would make me rich beyond belief,
No worries then to weigh.
My wealth comes from the friends I know,
And each one that I love...
No way to count riches I have,
My blessings from above.
The richest people in this world,
Are those with lessons learned...
Who know wealth comes from what is free,
And not from money earned.
I'm quite content to live my life,
Enjoy the wealth I'm sent...
For no way can I spend it all,
Then wonder where it went.
  01/06/09  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  french_song

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