I have to use a password,
To access my own big file...
Where I store  all of my passwords,
And they languish there awhile.
But darned if I remember,
My mind just draws a blank...
Those passwords are confined in there,
Like goldfish in a tank!
There was one for using Earthlink,
Another for Best Buy...
A different one for Target,
Can't remember when I try.
A password for my debit card,
One used just for Wal-Mart...
But now they are all mixed up,
No easy place to start!
I had one for Home Depot,
Another used for Lowes...
Each one a different password,
Cause that's the way it goes.
So here is my dilemma,
I just can't access that file...
That holds all of those passwords,
In a secret, jumbled pile.
All of those I do business with,
Hate to see me come online...
For they know that 'retrieve password',
Will happen every time.
Loree (Mason) O'Neil  12/21/08
Midi playing is:  Digging Up Bones

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