This Christmas is my target date,
I'll catch Old Santa, as I wait...
Right in the middle of his act,
As he comes down the chimney stack.
And when I do, he won't be sad,
Instead I think he will be glad...
That all those years of a one man parade,
Are over, no more masquerade.
He can retire and pack it in,
Reflect on where all he has been...
Just relax and let the years roll by,
No more sleigh rides through a starry sky.
Retirement will suit him just fine,
Give him a lot of quality time...
To spend right here, where he belongs,
As he drinks eggnog, sings Christmas songs.
I'll fetch his slippers and light his pipe,
And when the time is nearly ripe...
I'll catch him beneath the mistletoe,
Then lead him to a place I know.
He soon will learn who loves him most,
Who fries his eggs and burns his toast...
I can give him love and hold him tight,
Even if it's on a Christmas night!
 Loree (Mason) O'Neil  12/15/08
      Midi playing is:  All I Want For Christmas Dear Is You

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