They don't make Christmas anymore,
Like it was years ago...
With rosy cheeks and sparkling eyes,
And sleigh bells in the snow.
When Christmas Eve was a big night,
That's when we decorated...
The tree went up, the stockings hung,
We laughed and speculated.
Would Santa hear our heart's desire,
Know what we wanted most?
And would we catch a glimpse of him,
Or learn he was a ghost?
Christmas morning brought the smells,
Of cuisine that was baking...
A time for seeing dreams come true,
A long time in their making.
Christmas brought all of the sights,
Along with worry too...
For misdeeds that we each had done,
Old Santa always knew.
Yet when the time for gift exchange,
Had finally arrived...
A present with our name on it,
Meant that we had survived!
 Loree (Mason) O'Neil  12/14/08
Midi playing is:  Ding A Ling

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