As I get older
Conversation turns...
To broken bones, 
Displaying  burns.
I'm colored like a rainbow now,
Darn near all of the time...
I bump into so many things,
You'd think that I am blind.
I used to talk about the weather,
If it was warm or cold...
But now it's all about what hurts,
Since I am getting old.
Walking isn't easy now,
And running is a chore...
While turning in the bed at night,
Can make me wake up sore.
Each wrinkle was earned though the years,
And given its' own space...
Chiseled to perfection now,
Too late to be erased.
A stroke of luck though is the fact,  
While mirrors do not lie...
Those wrinkles that stare back at me,
Won't hurt nor make me cry.
(c)  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
      Midi playing is:  Just Blue

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