Love bears a similarity,
To the planting of a rose...
A lot of tender, loving care,
Will sustain it as it grows.
Laughter is the sunshine,
And teardrops are the rain...
There is no rose without some thorns,
No love without some pain.
There always are more thorns it seems,
As stem of rose grows longer...
While love has some thorns of its own,
Those tend to make it stronger.
Yet who is there among us,
Not touched in way that's real...
Not awed at sight of rose's bloom,
Nor warmed by love they feel?
Learn to work around the thorns,
For they are just a part...
Of beauty of a blooming rose,
And feelings of the heart.
11/23/08  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  Stranger-cd

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