It's another frosty morning,
No different than the last...
My animals all line up,
Watch for my shadow cast.
And when I open up the door,
To step a bit inside...
The cats and dogs come running,
To form a circle wide.
I call to them 'Good Morning,
I'll bet you want to eat'...
Then bend to pet each one in turn,
They see that as a treat.
From another room inside the barn,
The goats all bleat and cry...
A crowing rooster, honking goose,
Make me emit a sigh.
What would they do without me?
For I see to all their needs...
As I fill each pan before me,
With assorted tasty feeds.
There are chunks made just to please the dogs,
Tiny stars designed for cats...
Grain made just for the chickens,
Some for the goats fed last.
From every nook and cranny,
They gather for the spread...
A special treat just now and then,
Of dried rolls and old bread.
Every day they come to greet me,
Wait as I perform the deed...
Of setting out the banquet,
On which they all will feed.
(c)  11/22/08  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
It's 'Take care of your animals' time of year!
Midi playing is:  Come A Little Bit Closer

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