Photo by Steve Smith.
What can we do for our country?
A question that's commonly asked...
Many things come to each mind then,
All easy and none a hard task.
The first thing to do is to love it,
Remember we're part of a nation...
Created by God with the people,
Stewards of her destination.
Serve with honor when it's demanded,
Take pride in just being a part...
Of those who protect and preserve her,
A nation, great from very start.
Tend to our nation's well being,
Her image at home and abroad...
Protect all her beauty and grandeur,
Her mountains, each shovel of sod.
Let everyone do what each one must,
Contribute what each one is able...
For God blessed America, her people,
It's mankind who must keep her stable.
Pass on to each new generation,
A country that's clean and is pure...
Her beauty in eye of beholder,
Her strength strong enough to endure.
(c)  11/01/08  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  How Far Is Heaven

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