Photo by Steve Smith.
Past years of youth,
So fleeting gone...
Like weathered building,
Strives to hold on.
Made someone's hopes,
Some dreams come true...
Tempered by storms,
Some past, some due.
Its character,
That is rare indeed...
Reeks of humble pie,
On which we feed.
Old fashioned, yet,
Tough as strong steel...
Shelters some hurts,
What joy we feel.
I cannot pass,
And give no notice...
To tired old barn,
It's look not bogus.
For farm life shaped me,
Flows through my veins...
A barn holds memories,
Of many things.
The good times of, 
My youth, those days...
Seen now through time,
In golden haze.
A thing whose beauty,
Is now mature...
Covered with lines,
I too, endure.
Yet my heart will always,
Be young and lighter...
That barn like me,
One heck of a fighter.
I feel its pain,
And hear faint cry...
The sadness of,
Final goodbye.
  10/29/08  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  Brojack

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