Loves Hot Fire


Where is love that flamed when hearts were young,

And sweet kisses were like wine?

 Lingering, timeless, they went on,

‘Till lost somewhere in time.


But the years have stolen love away,

Hot fires now burn low,

Charred embers of what once engulfed…

Very being and my soul.


Who is this stranger who sits beside me,

Whose demands so stir my ire?

Is this the man that I once loved,

 And who nurtured love’s hot fire?


 I wonder if somewhere out there,

Exists another man,

Who might rekindle that fire once more,

By reaching for my hand?


I fear that fire died out long ago,

Swept away by the tides of time,

Leaving ashes where there once was fire,

 That consumed my soul and mind.


©  2002  Loree (Mason) O’Neil

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