Somewhere there lives the very one,
I'm searching hard to find...
The one who can consume my soul,
My heart, and fill my mind.
I want someone to share my dreams,
My thoughts and things I do...
For everyone, there is a mate,
I wonder if its you?
I take each day one at a time,
One more that's spent alone...
The endless hours go crawling by,
No calls on silent phone.
Sometimes it seems that loneliness,
Is like some bad disease...
Terminal to the extent,
I have no one to please.
Just habit and the same routine,
To fill each dragging hour...
That's when I turn to my daydreams,
Live in an Ivory Tower.
But in that place, I'm not alone,
For you are there with me...
From mountain top we share the view,
That most will never see.
 Loree (Mason) O'Neil 10/15/08
Midi playing is: Golden Ring

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