A man has at least three loves,
Throughout span of his life...
His sweetheart and his mother, and
The one who is his wife.
The sweetheart is quite special,
He loves her dearly too...
He thinks of her much of the time,
Smiles at the things they do.
A wife one day is chosen,
For feelings that she stirs...
She helps him straighten out life's road,
When it is full of curves.
But the woman he loves longest,
And never will forget...
Is the one who is his mother,
Loves him without regret.
Each woman holds a part of him,
The others can't replace...
For heart of man is big enough,
That each retain their place.
 10/05/08  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Inspired by an Irish Proverb
Midi playing is:  I Can't Stop Loving You

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