Life is too short at very best,
Nonstop the march of seasons...
The power that controls life's length,
Keeps secret all its reasons.
We should move past our worst of times,
As quickly as we can...
For holding to a grudge or hurt,
Takes from life's precious span.
Kiss passionately and slowly,
Enjoy and make those last...
For far too soon the day has come,
When those become the past.
Love completely someone special,
With feelings bold and true...
For the months and years behind us,
Too soon fade from our view.
Since nothing is forever,
We can make our good times roll...
With our loving and our laughter,
Till our hearts then overflow.
Hold tightly to what made us smile,
The love that we have built...
For they are left like rare bouquet,
One that time cannot wilt.
(c)  09/28/08  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  Bouquet of Roses

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