She cared for him,
With all her heart...
Though distance stretched,
Kept them apart.
Her days wee filled,
With such a yearning...
Her mind consumed,
With new love burning.
Her hours were spent,
Awaiting word...
Her soul aquiver,
Like captured bird.
Her nights were filled,
With fitful sleep...
A fear of loss,
Could make her weep.
A note would do,
Brief simple thing...
Penned with his thoughts,
Such joy to bring.
His words could warm,
Fill starving heart...
With feelings stirred,
By loves first start.
Each note was read,
So many times...
Each word clung to,
Stored in her mind.
At night her thoughts,
As sleep crept in...
Was wish for one,
More note from him.
(c)  09/13/08  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  Blue Bayou

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