(photo by Loree)
Two roses bloomed almost as one,
Bright faces almost touching...
Their color would take breath away,
Resembled lovers blushing.
With faces tilted upward,
With tears that came from dew...
A light breeze blew to dry them,
While sun shone on them too.
Their petals slowly opened,
Their perfume filled the air...
All those who passed close to them,
Would pause, then stop to stare.
No rose will last forever,
Their time is far too brief...
Their petals fade, then wilt and drop,
Lie limp on ground beneath.
Is a rose really so different,
From man and his demise?
When the loss of either of them,
Is cause for grief and cries?
Or are they truly more alike,
Than most will ever know...
For mankind and those roses,
Are both for mainly show.
  Loree (Mason) O'Neil 09/06/08
Midi playing is:  I Won't Come In

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