Give us each day our apron,
Complete with bib and strings...
The pockets filled with memories,
Much love and other things.
The apron to protect our hearts,
The strings to tightly bind...
To hold our loved ones close to us,
Keep them easy to find.
And if those strings seem overworked,
Strained almost to their breaking...
Let us repair them promptly then,
With each new stitch we're taking.
Until they're strong as they once were,
Tied tightly at our back...
The pockets filled with wisdom learned,
The 'how to' we once lacked.
And when it's time to hang it up,
High on a rusty nail...
The one who finds our apron there,
Rejoices and won't fail.
08/16/08  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  You Gave Me A Mountain

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