Oh how I yearn for days long gone,
When lust for life was king...
When youth was joyous, full of zest,
My ears had not strange ring.
When energy was at its height,
And life was like a game...
Fun to tackle and take on,
With age it's not the same.
Aches and pains come creeping in,
To stake and claim a place...
Like crowded houses in a row,
Each one with tiny space.
Hiding somewhere deep inside,
Just waiting 'til  they're ready...
To make their presence known to us,
With pain relentless, steady.
Vertigo is a big surprise,
It hits like lightening bolt...
You learn to hold your head in place,
Prevent the next big jolt.
You either gain some excess weight,
Or lose the weight you had...
Neither one is what's ideal,
And either one is bad.
Retirement means you have the time,
To concentrate for sure...
On all the newest aches and pains,
Your body now endures.
After a lifetime of feeling good,
And healthy as a horse...
Who loves us more than anyone?
Our GP does, of course!
(c)  08/09/08  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  Digging Up Bones

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