Use kindness as the medicine,
That rivals all known pills...
Let it work its magic daily,
To combat all your ills.
It will calm an upset stomach,
Repair a frame of mind...
Heal the hurts and bruises from a world,
That often is unkind.
Fights the feelings of depression,
Lifts the spirits, makes them soar...
With the benefits of friendship,
Who could want for anymore?
No need for a prescription,
The results are predictive...
Our gratitude for kindness shown,
Can become quite addictive.
A habit that gets easier,
And without ill effect...
One can share it or digest it,
Without  fear of suspect.
Let kindness be your rudder,
As you embark on your way...
Let it fill the very air you breathe,
And brighten each new day.
 07/09/08  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  Cest La Vie

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