When my name is called up yonder,
And I check out of this world...
I want to have my makeup on,
Make sure my hair is curled.
I want my fingernails all done,
In palest shade of pink...
A pair of jeans and cowboy boots,
A western shirt I think.
I don't want the tears and wailing,
I can't deal with those you see...
Let the sound of friends all laughing,
Turn it into my party.
I won't leave without my 'puter,
I won't leave it here behind...
For when I get to heaven,
A poem might cross my mind.
I promise I'll keep writing,
Of the things that I find there...
For I owe it to my friends and fans,
To let them know I care!
  06/18/08  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  I'll Leave This World

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