How vulnerable is the human heart,
As it waits for what will come...
A lifetime full of love, some hurt,
A few things left undone.
Unprotected, reaching out,
For love's first fond embrace...
Always stretching to make room,
As demand needs more space.
How can one muscle hold so much,
When we push it to the limit...
Abuse it as we overload,
With all things we put in it?
Sensitive to hurt, each pain,
From words harsh that are spoken...
That pierce it like a sharpened knife,
Convince us it is broken.
Yet stronger than we realize,
Able with time to heal...
Will only stop when it is time,
With one last beat we feel.
(c) 05/25/08  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi play is:  I Really Don't Want To Know
Sequenced by Don Carroll

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