Because it seems, all of my life,
I've wanted peace and calm...
No turmoil that would set the tone,
For each day with the dawn.
I've always tried to plan ahead,
Deal with reality...
Prepare a backup plan in case,
I might need a plan 'B'.
I'd rather lead what seems to friends,
A dull and boring life...
Hold down with careful planning,
Unnecessary strife.
Call me paranoid, whatever,
And cautious to a fault...
But I'd rather have a plan in place,
So I don't have to vault.
I can take life as it comes each day,
Not have to be upset...
Look back on what's behind me,
Not have to fuss and fret.
Feel a sense then of contentment,
Know I really tried my best...
To handle each new challenge,
Lay each problem then to rest.
  04/20/08  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Mid playing is:  Remember

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