What lies around the next curve in,
The road that I am traveling?
A bump that I can overcome,
Or is it my unraveling?
For all my life has been uphill,
A test of strength and wit...
Fueled by the traits that I possess,
While not allowed to quit.
Desire that has spurred me on,
To do tasks set before me...
Each small success encouragement,
So life would never bore me.
A drive that comes from deep inside,
Stands me up when I am down...
Taught me to recognize the value,
Of a smile and not a frown.
My own road grows much shorter,
But still I plod ahead...
A stubbornness God gave to me,
My time short as frayed thread.
I'll grab and hold a shooting star,
Laugh and enjoy the ride...
It's then that I will start to live,
For I will not have died.
(c)  04/04/08  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  The Sky Is Crying

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