A rooster is crowing,
Though it is still dark...
His impatience showing,
For daylight's first spark.
The sound of the rustle,
Of wind through the leaves...
Still gentle, no hustle,
In first morning breeze.
The sun that is yawing,
Still hidden from sight...
Close to the dawning,
Of first morning light.
A dog down the road,
Wakes and then barks...
Guard duty a load,
As his owner departs.
I sit on the porch,
Cup in my hand...
Wait for the scorch,
Of sunlight's hot brand.
The frogs still are croaking,
And singing their last...
Enjoy one more soaking,
As night time moves past.
So quick now the silence,
As if on strict cue...
For now in the distance,
The sun comes to view.
I get up with sighs,
No words need be spoken...
No more unique cries,
End of night now broken.
  03/18/08  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  Crying Time
Performed by Harry Todd

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