I heard your voice
Call out to me...
As plain as it,
Could ever be.
Son, when I reached,
To touch your face...
You were not there,
Just empty space.
A year since last,
I heard your voice...
Its still a shock,
And not my choice.
They say that time,
Can heal all wounds...
It's time again,
For spring time blooms,
Yet all this while,
Time cannot heal...
My broken heart,
Ease pain that's real.
Some days I tend,
To get by fine...
Until I hear,
You in my mind.
That's when grief floods,
My heart and soul...
Back to square one,
With heavy toll.
For you are missed,
So very much...
Your voice, your smile,
Your hugs and touch.
You're free from toil,
The trials of life...
The loss I feel,
Cuts like sharp knife.
Still I must learn,
And then accept...
God called you home,
Where you now rest.
In Loving and Painful Memory of my son,
 John Thomas (JT) Marler - 03/18/72 - 03/10/07
(c)  03/16/08  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  Wnbynite



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