Time waits for no man as it moves,
Relentlessly along...
A mixture of both happiness,
Some sadness in its song.
Do we sing along with it?
At times all of us do...
We join in on the happy notes,
Forget those that are blue.
When time includes what makes us sad,
And life then take a toll...
We reach out to a special friend,
To help achieve new goal.
For time is life, and life is time,
The two are much entwined...
Like blooms upon a trellis,
Part of a growing vine.
No bloom can last forever,
In time it fades, is gone...
Yet memory of its beauty once,
Remains like haunting song.
Life and time are not easy,
Need effort,  strength, and more...
To move us past the bad times,
So that we once more soar.
 02/25/08  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  Wnbynite



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