It's strange how memories can hurt,
Sparked by a sight or sound...
The same ones that now make me sad,
Once raised me off the ground.
Your picture sits out in plain sight,
On prominent display...
Etched forever in my heart,
I can't put it away.
A voice sometimes, sounds much like yours,
And I'll whirl to verify...
To confirm that it comes from you,
Then a tear slips from my eye.
For it isn't you but a stranger there,
No malice nor intent...
Not his fault that my mind plays tricks,
With one more hurt that's spent.
Worse yet is what a song can do,
To bring me new heartache...
The special songs we called our own,
Now cause my heart to break.
I have this urge deep down inside,
To play them one more time...
For in my heart, you still are here,
And always will be mine.
02/11/08  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  Help Me Make It Through The Night

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