Lets change the world, do it ourselves,
Start with a flood of laughter...
Let it spread like prairie fire,
Echo from every rafter.
No cross words in the future,
For those would not be spoken...
Promises would all be kept,
None of them ever broken.
Handshakes would be back in vogue,
And pain would be outlawed...
The world  could be a better place,
With people who weren't flawed.
Greed would fade, become extinct,
No need for its' survival...
Love and caring would replace,
Catch on like tent revival.
It isn't meant for only one,
To do these things alone...
Still it could happen easily,
If all joined on their own.
Help plant the seeds of Peace on earth,
Then tend those when they've grown...
So that the future is a part,
Of all the dreams we've known.
 01/21/08  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  One By One

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