I walked across my dormant lawn,
And found to my surprise...
A tiny dandelion bloomed,
Maybe that wasn't wise?
It popped up almost overnight,
From grass all coarse and brown...
It seemed to wink and smile at me,
To mock at winter's frown.
From resting place deep in the soil,
It hid from winter's grasp...
Until warm sun said 'Come on out,
Winter is nearly past!'
But I had heard a rumor,    
And knew what was to come...
I bent and picked it carefully,
For winter was not done.
The dandelion's smiling face,
Seemed quite reward enough...
It's yellow nestled in my hand,
Like softest bit of fluff.
Who is the one that can ignore,
And fail to be inspired...
By dandelion's smiling face,
When winter has us tired.
 01/15/08  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  Pocketfull Of Gold

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