I am an artist without brush,
Yet it's on my resume...
My paint is inspiration,
Transcends in unique way. 
I am an architect it seems,
For poems I love to build...
A speaker in a sense also,
My voice cannot be stilled.
I am a connoisseur as well,
Of words placed in direction...
Attempt to give a pleasing look,
To poems that seek perfection.
I am a weaver working with,
All colors, every hue...
To weave into a tapestry,
Bright words held up for view.
I am a doctor in disguise,
Surgery is my forte...
I cut out words or suture them,
Should those get in my way.
I am faint voice that's barely heard,
Amidst large sea of them...
Posterity will read and judge,
Search for that one small gem. 
(c)  12/30/07  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:   Bumming Around

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