Dear God, I humbly ask of you,
Just give me one more day...
I have some things I need to do,
Before I'm called away.
I have  fences in disarray,
I really need to mend them...
So if you can, please let me stay,
To strengthen and not bend them.
And if a prayer is what it takes,
I'll even do that too...
For my own and others sakes,
I'll place my trust in you.
I know my prayer will sound rusty,
For it has been too  long...
Like a building, old,  musty,
I'm full of things gone wrong.
But one more day might help me heal,
If you would be so kind...
Show me that your love is real,
Will soothe my soul and  mind.
(c)  12/09/07  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  Because He Lives

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