In hectic world that goes too fast.
At almost break neck pace,
We hurry round, like we're confused...
Yet we're the human race?
Who could tell from watching us,
That we are in control?
Our world is filled with turmoil...
That's one thing we all know.
There's so much sadness that we hear,
Or even know first hand,
Upheaval rules and threatens peace...
Extinct pride for our land.
It seems that greed is in control,
And pulls us in its' wake,
How much can each of us endure...
The strain before we break?
And who is there to understand,
To turn this all around?
To stop insanity and hate...
That grows through leap and bound?
A crystal ball would work as well,
Get much the same results,
As what we hear from leader's lips...
Who speak barbs and insults.
That's not the way to bring back peace,
To take us back to when,
We understood and practiced love...
For all our fellow men.
It's time to restore basics,
Learn again the Golden Rule,
Live by the lessons we were taught...
In Church and in our school.
 Loree (Mason) O'Neil 10/27/07
Midi playing:  Distant Drums

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