Did you ever receive an email,
That looked tattered and torn,
From all it's trips in cyber space...
Miles made it old and worn?
Those people who fly round a lot,
Earn frequent flyer miles,
Have nothing on an e-mail sent...
That's full of love and smiles!
There are many glitches you might make,
So that it goes instead,
To one who was a life long friend...
But sadly now is dead.
E-mail is unforgiving,
And once sent on it's way,
If you have goofed and hit submit...
Its' stamp is there to stay.
So don't e-mail until you know,
All systems are on go,
For once it's gone that mail can reach,
Someone you do not know.
For 'forward' may be quite the tool,
For sending info on,
'Reply to all' is a real boon...
Except when it is wrong!
Play it safe and exercise,
Caution in what you send,
For e-mail can come back to haunt...
And bite you in the end! 
©Loree (Mason) O'Neil 09/12/07
Midi playing is:  Big Mammou

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