Light night wind's sigh,
Is true lullaby,
I trust to soothe and then calm me...
With cover of dark,
Not even a spark,
Of its source am I able to see.
For with sinking sun,
When daylight is done,
There is change in the sound of the wind...
Dark or moonlight,
Strength flees and takes flight,
I feel myself weaken and bend.
With window thrown wide,
And safely inside,
I toss and I turn on my bed....
My soul full of sorrow,
At thoughts of tomorrow,
When daylight brings forth things I dread.
It is night's  gentle breeze,
That rustles the leaves,
No longer seems harsh nor intense...
As it sings gentle song,
Like nothing is wrong,
Becomes then my greatest defense.
When sleep overtakes,
The hurt and heartaches,
The last sound to fall on my ear...
As it  dries the last trace,
Of wet tears on my face,
It's night wind I feel and I hear.
08/28/07  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  Are You Lonesome Tonight
Sequenced by Gecadero

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