What grows in your garden,
Is it only weeds?
Or have you now planted...
Some great little seeds?
Did you carefully work,
To till up a bed?
For seeds that you planted...
From instructions read?
The best things to plant,
That bring the most joy,
Are crops that grow year round...
And bugs can't destroy.
A garden that grows,
No way can it fail,
Thrives in the winter...
Through rain, heat and hail.
Plant friendship and smiles,
And a whole lot of caring,
A crop that is bumper...
For abundance of sharing.
Add love, then a row,
Of being concerned,
Plant seeds from your life...
Of lessons you've learned.
What grows in your garden?
It deserves to be best,
With a harvest you share...,
That truly is blessed.
(c)  07/24/07  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  Hey Jude

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