Thoughts and words long imprisoned,
In brain cells of my mind,
Escape at random now and then...
For they have served their time.
They jockey for position,
Like horses at the gate,
To finally be released to run,
Not knowing what their fate.
Words love to run, and jump and play,
To frolic in my mind,
Overjoyed with new freedom...
From chaos while confined.
My fingers dance as I reach out,
To snatch each word again,
Before it is completely gone...
Would be a waste and sin.
I try to organize those words,
To make them all appealing,
My efforts difficult at best...
Those sometimes leave me reeling.
Each stanza that you read on here,
I've worked to give full due,
Tried to polish and enhance,
Each word that's just for you.
This is meant to just explain,
What poets all go through,
While working with words old as time,
And few that are brand new.
Sometimes I think I just give up,
Before the job is done,
Yet I can say with certainty...
'My goodness, that was fun!'
(c)  07/14/07  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  Are You Teasing Me

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