The people gathered early,
Animation on each face...
Some came only to listen,
Let others set the pace.
The issues were not simple,
Complex to understand...
Each person there could have his say,
By raising up his hand.
It started out congenial,
But then progressed from there...
Ideas and opinions flew,
Caused some to sit and stare.
The topics controversial,
With details to work out...
Normal conversation rose,
Became just din and shout.
The loudest voices that were heard,
And drowned out almost all...
Came from the politicians there,
Stopped just short of a brawl.
With grandiose gesture,
Promises they could not meet...
They searched for words to influence,
Bring people to their feet.
Neighbor pitted against neighbor,
As all opinions flew...
Laced with facts and myth entwined,
As the dissension grew.
Mixed in the words, with clarity,
Were boos and a few cheers...
Insults like barbs with careful aim,
Would echo there for years.
But finally it was over,
Evidenced by clock on wall...
Words like pollution, hung on the air,
At the meeting in Town Hall.
(c)  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  America The Beautiful

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