I put my house in order,
Got rid of all my trash...
It didn't take so very long,
I did it in a flash.
I gathered up all of the stuff,
That I no longer need...
Didn't save a crumb at all,
Not even tiny seed.
I started out by tossing,
My feelings of despair...
Replaced those with a bag of smiles,
So easy now to share.
I got rid of tears, still unshed,
That threatened every day...
Told myself to get a firm grip,
And sent them on their way.
The hurt and the self pity,
That kept me feeling down...
Got thrown out with the other trash,
No longer can be found.
I got rid of hate and 'why me?'
For I found I'm not unique...
Somewhere someone is hurting now,
Even as we speak.
I can say 'I've been there, done that',
I've been depressed and blue...
But an attitude adjustment,
Is what will get me through.
I have put my house in order,
I now control my fate...
My future will depend upon,
How well  I can create.
(c)  06/27/07  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  DownAlly

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