Itís Time

Weep not for me; Iím not here by choice,
No one heeded my protest,
And they heard not my voice.

This wasnít really something
That I had in mind,
Even though Godís Angels, are treating me kind.

Thereís a plan that is greater,
And we have no control,
When God scans the list of his honor roll.

He paused at my name, and beckoned to me,
ďCome nowÖitís time
For your soul to be free.Ē

There wasnít a shred of fear I could taste,
So I hurried along,
Like there was no time to waste.

Now I lie here hands folded, across my chest,
The race of life has ended,
And my heart is at rest.

I donít want your tears, but a smile on your face,
From knowing that I,
Am in a far better place.

 © 2002 Loree (Mason) OíNeil

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