If I could have what I want most,
I'd get my daily high...
From song birds that fly overhead,
Their backdrop azure sky.
From the singing of a rushing brook,
As it goes speeding past...
The waving of the restless leaves,
The soft feel of green grass.
The beauty of each new day's birth,
Breathtaking sunset too...
Both combine to lift me up,
My spirits to renew.
I'd soak up rays of sunshine,
That make my day seem bright...
At night I'd close my eyes in sleep,
My blanket soft moonlight.
If I could have what I want most.
I'd set aside some time...
Each day to drink the nectar sweet,
Of Nature's heady wine.
I'd rather get each rush I feel,
The good old fashioned way...
Let Nature work her magic as,
She gives me one more day.
(c)  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  Blanket On The Ground

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