Today is the day that I've decided,
I really want to live....
My own life is not over yet,
I still have much to give.
The sun may not be shining,
But still I know it will...
The road of life may hold some ruts,
May have another hill.
Today the birds are singing,
The grass is bright and green...
From storms that rolled through overnight,
And left my world washed clean.
How is that today I feel,
That life is not all bad?
Did time and rain combine to cleanse,
My feelings that were sad?
Today I feel that if I search,
I've some things left to do...
But it is strictly up to me,
To build a future new.
To leave dark depths of pain and grief,
Those things I can't control...
To greet the dawn of each new day,
The future now my goal.
(c)  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  How Time Slips Away

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