Life's battles fought,
Most never done...
Have left me scarred,
From those not won.
With each new day,
And morning's dawn...
New battles loom,
As life moves on.
A problem here,
A crisis there...
Some just for me,
Some I can share.
But I look back,
With bit of pride...
No battle tossed,
Nor lain aside.
The few I've fought,
With Victory's taste...
Were well thought out,
And not a waste.
For life is strange,
A challenge too...
Not for the weak,
More than a few.
The strong are those,
With wisdom learned...
From battles lost,
And victories earned.
Mankind will get,
His just reward...
Through battles fought,
Without a sword.
(c)  04/06/07  Loree (Mason) O'Neil
Midi playing is:  You Gave Me A Mountain

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