My world came crashing down today,
With news that pierced my heart...
My youngest son, has slipped away,
Anguish rips me apart.
I think of when he was a babe,
Held cuddled in my arms...
His first tooth and that baby smile...
Those flashing eyes, his charm.
The years sped by, were too soon gone,
A man then took his place...
A happy guy, with jokes to tell,
A big smile on his face.
There surely is a law somewhere,
And one that has been broken...
With his voice now forever stilled,
So many words unspoken.
All too soon his name was called,
With nothing I could do...
It hurts so much to say goodbye,
To know his life is through.
Gods speed my son as you depart,
Don't fly too far nor fast...
For you are missed, and so much loved,
In future, as in past.
  Loree (Mason) O'Neil 03/11/07
In loving memory of my youngest son, John Thomas Marler,  March 18, 1972- 2007.
JT as he was lovingly called, departed this earth on March 10, 2007
Midi playing is:  Eastgate

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